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Welcome to High Quality Connections!

We are pleased to announce the launching of this new website – The centerpiece of the website is a blog, where we will:

  • Aggregate insights about high quality connections in organizations for the manager or employee interested in improving relationships at work.

  • Disseminate knowledge about research relating to high quality connections and how such research can be beneficial to managers and employees alike.

  • Comment on real-world problems of managing high quality connections at work; showing "theory in action."

Why should I care about HQCs?

Those of us working on this site are passionate about studying relationships in organizations. Our research has demonstrated to us time and time again that the interpersonal relations people hold in organizations are not only the key to their success but, in many cases, the central reason for joining or staying in a company or organization!

Yet, while we believe this we also see how little relationships are talked about in mainstream management thinking. Whether we look at MBA curricula, academic journals, or popular press, the collective focus on relationships is still in its nascent stage.

Through this effort then we want to promote not only current knowledge but further conversations about relationships in academia and businesses alike. Our commitment is to provide timely updates and commentary so that you, as a reader of the website, will be more thoughtful about how to manage relationships in your own organization.

What can I find on the website?

  • Two to three blog posts a week.

  • A research repository with “classic” articles on HQCs as well as our own research organized by keyword.

  • Links to other websites on psychology and well-being you might like.

  • Information about us including our research interests and areas of expertise.

What else should I know?

If you like the website and blog, please subscribe, bookmark and forward along!

If you have feedback or questions, please send it to us at Thanks for reading!

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