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High Quality Connection Cards

with Marcia Ryan and Mary Ceccanese

The High-Quality Connection card set is the perfect tool to foster positive relationships and strengthen how you connect with others, one interaction at a time. Each card provides practical strategies that individuals, teams, and organizations can put into practice that make high-quality connections (HQCs) a reality in their workplace.  The deck of 44 cards include suggested uses to elevate your interactions with others. Each card contains practical tasks to put into action or use as discussion prompts for groups. Grouped into five suits, they include:

  • Respectful Engagement

  • Task Enabling

  • Trust

  • Social Play 

  • Toxicity Tamers

Where to purchase the cards: From Australia or from USA

You can learn more by watching the High Quality Connection Card virtual launch.

If you wish to delve deeper, you might be interested in a High-Quality Connection Cards Virtual Masterclass, to discover more about the cards and how to use this practical tool.  Register your interest here and we will keep you informed about future events.

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