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Why should I care about relationships at work?

Orgs care a lot about communication, but not so much relationships. That is, the modern organizational model is to give the employee the technological tools to be able to access the knowledge (data / people) he or she needs to succeed in the job.

The end result of this is that organizations are, if anything, decreasing the importance of building solid relationships at work.

Employees are connected to everyone, but really are connected to very few. This is why we make such a big deal about "High Quality" Connections.

So what? If we can get our work done, why do we need "high quality" connections to others at work? While you may be different, in general these connections come with a whole host of benefits. HQCs provide job-related meaning - it's more fun to work for / with a friend or someone you are truly close with than working for a faceless corporation. HQCs provide security - if you know you need to miss work to care for a loved one isn't it nice knowing that others are going to pick up the slack. HQCs even impact health outcomes - those with stronger social networks have better health outcomes.

Look around your office. How many people do you trust? How many do you consider a friend? Would you drop everything for those you work with? If the answer to these questions is no, there is likely a critical component missing in your job, and in your life.

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