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How the Coronavirus Recession Has Affected Women and Ways They Can Bounce Back

Guest post by Cheryl Conklin of Wellness Central. Cheryl Conklin takes writing and tutoring seriously. From her travels and experiences, Wellness Central was born with the goal of instilling the mindset of physical and mental wellbeing to various audiences. She only wishes to be able to share her many inspirations from her escapades.

There is little doubt that the US is in a recession. Although unemployment rates are finally starting to drop, cities are starting to open, and schools are making plans for students to return, things are not where they were back in March. Unfortunately, although the world is making strides toward normalcy, women remain disproportionately affected by the economic downturn.


The 2020 recession was triggered not by the virus itself but, largely, by shelter-in-place orders imposed because of it. Because of this, retail, restaurants, and travel and tourism are among some of the most affected industries. These also happen to be areas that employ a high number of women in lower-paying positions; cashiers, servers, and housekeepers are a few examples.

Stay-at-home moms have also felt the burn of the coronavirus, and many have suddenly become their children’s teachers in the absence of a brick-and-mortar classroom. BBC explains that domestic violence has also increased among women, adding that the United Nations has dubbed this problem a “shadow pandemic.”

Working moms experiencing job loss because of the coronavirus have taken a double hit, having to learn how to make ends meet while also catering to the needs of their children.

What You Can Do to Ease the Burden

With all of the negative press surrounding the virus, it’s often difficult to see the bright side of the pandemic. Fortunately, there really is a bright side, and with a little perseverance, you can pull yourself up and bring yourself out on the other end with your sanity and finances intact.

If you’re struggling with job loss, for example, now is an excellent time to turn to the world of freelancing. Freelancers are individuals who use their skills, such as web development, writing, data science, and information technology, to earn an income outside of a nine-to-five job. Online job boards are full of opportunities, you just have to clearly define your skillset. Freelancing is a great way to earn an income while also freeing up your schedule to homeschool or otherwise handle having children at home with no way to get them into daycare.

Speaking of homeschooling, there are also ways to ease into the new school year if you’ve decided to keep them home instead of sending them back into a building full of unmasked children. Time4Learning suggests first checking your laws and then looking for homeschool groups. Having a group of like-minded parents will give you a social circle and an educational network that will support both you and your children as you figure out their academic plan.

When you have more serious concerns, such as the safety of you or your children, and you are stuck at home with an abusive spouse or partner, you’ll need to reach out for help. You can contact your local police station or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). Leaving a bad situation may be frightening, especially if you’re dealing with financial losses. However, if the pandemic has shown us anything it’s that we, as women, are stronger than we think and will persevere despite adversity.

Being a woman in the middle of a recession that seems to target the fairer sex is not easy. But you are strong, you are dedicated, and you’ve got this. Don’t be afraid to straighten your crown and show the pandemic who’s the queen of your domain. Whether it’s combating a financial downturn, homeschooling the kids, or making your move into a better relationship, you can do it because you are stronger than any virus could ever be.

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